BORA Induction Cooktop – CI11

BORA Induction Cooktop – CI11

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BORA Induction Cooktops in Brisbane

BORA glass ceramic induction cooktop with 2 cooking zones – CI11

bora induction cooktop CI11 Brisbane

RRP $1,999

Please call 07 3862 3855 for the best price

Specs – BORA glass ceramic induction cooktop with 2 cooking zones 

Connection voltage 220 – 240 V

Maximum power consumption 3,7 kW

Maximum connected load 3,7 kW

Fuse protection at least 1 x 16 A

Regulation 1 – 9

Weight (incl. accessories / packaging) 8 kg

Material surface SCHOTT CERAN®

Length of connection cable 1,5 m

Dimensions (width x depth x height) 340 x 515 x 56 mm

1 – ring induction cooking zone, front
Power setting
Ø 155 mm
1100 W

1 – ring induction cooking zone, rear
Power setting
Ø 220 mm
2000 W

Product details

Automatic cut-out

Stop funktion

Automatic pre-cook valve

Warming function

Timer function

Residual heat display

Power setting

Pan size recognition

Childproofing feature

Please note that induction cooktops require special induction-capable cookware.

Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation below the induction cooktop.


You can find more detailed information in the data sheet


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bora cooking brisbane