UUE1 – BORA – Air Recirculation Unit

UUE1 – BORA – Air Recirculation Unit

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BORA recirculation unit



BORA recirculation unit

activated charcoal foam 1,0 kg

Air flow speed Approx. 0,5 m / s

Fine fibre filter
activated charcoal foam

Dimensions (width x depth x height)
(with coupling connector)
330 x 450 x 94 mm

Weight 2 kg

Service life Approximately 1 year

Product details

For purifying the air in the building

Numerous installation options due to low space requirements

Easy to install and exchange

Connection designed for under – cabinet fan or Naber Compair® flow 150 duct system

Plan for the possibility of amendments

Ensure a reverse – flow opening of at least 500 cm² (such as plinth return spring or louvred plinth)


You can find more detailed information in the data sheet 


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